Psychic Mediumship Reading Night

Spiritual Growth for Healing, Manifesting and Expanding Your Consciousness

Spirituality for healing, manifesting and expanding consciousness

About this event

Healing and Revealing Night with Tony The Healing Medium. Join us for an evening of intimate spirit messages from your loved ones in the afterlife. Loved ones are there, and love doesn’t die but is taken to this place called “the other side.” Does a loved one in the Spirit Realm have a message for you? The answer is yes! You will also receive a mini life review. This is the same life review you will go through when your time comes to cross over to the other side. Only this is a mini-life review done while still alive in this incarnation. The mini life review information will come from spirit beings on the other side channeled thru our spiritual mediums at Universal Core Healing Tutelage. “A Spiritual Energy Healing Modality”

It will be an evening of Healing and Revealing with Universal Core Healing. You will learn about very specific energy blocks inside your bioplasmic energy body and why they are there. You will also learn how they got there in the first place. We call this the “root cause to negative recurring life patterns or disease. In other words, the root cause to bad karma will be located and identified for you. This is the first step in healing, “finding the truth” to why it’s there in the first place. Before coming to our event, you will be emailed a few videos to help you understand some of the information coming through from spirit beings for you. It’s a brief prep video for the event that will include a rapid test you will have to take. We hope and desire that this opportunity opens more love and light about your future and your life theme. Namaste Tony The Healing Medium…/psychic-mediumship…

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