“Nobody needs to be saved or rescued.  What people need is knowledge of their spiritual power. And how to access it.” by tony, the healing medium

Universal Core Healing gives you that power! Simply put, it finds the “root cause,” Also known as the “truth” of why negative recurring life patterns or diseases manifest in your life. It was founded by Tony, The Healing Medium, one of the World’s most accurate Clairvoyant Evidential Spiritual Mediums

Welcome to Universal Core Healing.  A tutelage for activating Super Consciousness, Manifesting, and Awakening all of your Spiritual powers.   A healing modality that heals permanently while also activating your psychic clairvoyance abilities to a high level of accuracy. 


Our Reveal, Heal and Awaken Your Psychic Clairvoyant Self class is used to expand your consciousness into Super Consciousness. This leads to long-term permanent healing,  gaining more control and understanding of your life, and gives you the power to change and manifest more of what you desire.  

An in-depth explanation of Universal Core Healing is in the video below.

So what do we teach?

Universal Core Healing is a direct, precise, fact-filled, evidence, and truth-based spiritual energy healing modality that will powerfully and accurately heal your life and rapidly activate your genuine clairvoyant, mediumship, and spiritual healing abilities beyond ordinary levels. Universal Core Healing leads to obtaining Super Consciousness- Join us in starting your spiritual powers thru revealing and healing your life! Online only.

Why do we need to heal to awaken our spiritual powers?

Most people will wander through life without knowing why recurring negative life patterns and diseases manifest in their life. In this state, some people even try to awaken their psychic selves to little or no avail. Wondering and suffering are options! But here is a better one. Universal Core Healing gives you the healing power to heal yourself, the joy of expanding your consciousness into super consciousness. This then allows for more conscious accurate manifestations of your desires. Natural permanent life healing is only a few steps away.

Pay close attention! The information below is the most crucial fact you need to comprehend to develop your spiritual abilities powerfully and accurately to their full potential.   

This is important to know.   

You are not healed. If you have gone accurately unhealed, if you did not use precise specific facts to identify and locate what the karmic imprint, aka energy block, really is. Most people are genuinely misinformed about their layers of vibratory energy blocks.    Being unhealed will then affect the accuracy of your spiritual connections, information, and capabilities.    Healing one’s life accurately directly contributes to the potential outcome of your spiritual abilities. You can train for decades and still not gain the desired effect of your spiritual powers! Because being unhealed means, your energy blocks prevent you from achieving and manifesting your desired outcome.

As you learn to awaken to your spiritual powers, you will also learn to awaken to your self-healing abilities.   In simple terms, we permanently heal to awaken to our true spiritual potential.   We call this Reveal, Heal, and Awaken to your true Psychic Self!  

Here is the World’s Most powerful third-eye chakra activation. It’s the real deal!

“One of the greatest gifts you can pass on to others is knowledge. It wasn’t easy at first, and there wasn’t a sudden change, but it’s like anything else that requires hard work and dedication. Learning about the human experience and what we’re capable of has given me so much. “The path to becoming spiritually “enlightened” doesn’t have to take a lifetime.” 
by Robert Cortez-Student of universal core healing.
Universal Core Healing is a Tutelage-We start with beginners’ psychic development >>>>>proceed to self-healing>>>>>then to enlightenment obtaining super-consciousness.
Our founder is Tony, The Healing Medium, who channels Avatar Babaji, an east Indian saint.   Avatar Babaji downloaded and taught Universal Core Healing and gave the third eye attunement power to Tony, the healing medium.  Here is some info on him https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mahavatar_Babaji


                                                                                                Tony the healing medium Founder of Universal Core Healing

Join us and gain spiritual tools to unblock your intuition so you can find your answers, read auras and relationships, and talk to the spiritual realm.  Reveal, Heal and Awaken Your Psychic Self!  World’s Most Powerful Psychic Training and Spiritual Healing Development!