Universal Core Healing is a tutelage for Expanding Consciousness into Super Consciousness by Revealing and Healing your life! 

Universal Core Healing is a spiritual family community.  A direct, very precise, fact-filled, evidence, and truth-based spiritual energy healing modality that will powerfully and accurately heal your life and expand human consciousness into super consciousness rapidly.  “Your clairvoyant self”  From healing your life to expanding your spiritual abilities.

So what do we really teach?

Answer-expanding human consciousness into super consciousness.   So how do we expand into super consciousness?   This is accomplished by embracing a healing journey.  We call this healing journey  Revealing and Healing your life.  By following cosmic law we locate, identify, remove and release the energy blocks inside your bio plasmic energy body.  These energy blocks are stored inside your sub-conscious mind and active inside your energy body.   Most likely you have never been aware of them. 

We start by revealing locating and identifying very specific accurate bits and pieces of your life so that you know when and how these energy blocks were created.   We call these energy blocksKarmic Imprints”  Why? Because it is through these karmic imprints that your life has been created.  We have Good and bad  Karmic Imprints the god ones we leave alone.  The bad ones manifest disease to recurring negative life patterns in your life!  Your “karmic imprints” manifest your life.  It’s your karma!

Universal Core Healing is not a class but a Spiritual Family.   A community of spiritualists who bring only truth to what really works.  No bs.  No ego.   Just the Truth!  If your ego is not open to truth.  Then this may not be the right place for you at this time.

Universal Core Healing permanently removes karmic imprints that prevent the expansion of your consciousness from the inside out. “your clairvoyant self” Removing these energy blocks is usually a failed approach by others usually due to inaccurate clairvoyant information given by unhealed healers. If you are unhealed so will be the accuracy of your information.    Healing one’s life directly affects the outcome of your spiritual abilities.  

In general Universal Core Healing locates and identifies the “root cause “ point of origin” of all diseases and negative recurring life patterns, which answers the question as to why your energy block is there in the first place. The only way of removing energy blocks permanently starts by knowing the root cause and point of origin. Meaning finding out the truth. By healing with the “truth” human consciousness, “your psychic self,” can expand rapidly by permanently removing these energy blocks. We call this revealing and healing  your life with universal core healing. We do this in class a lot.

Tony, The Healing Medium is the founder of Universal Core Healing.  The “Spiritual Rebel”  Universal Core Healing was downloaded to Tony The Healing Medium by Avatar Babaji.    

Join us and gain spiritual tools to unblock your intuition so you can find your answers, read auras and relationships, and talk to the spiritual realm.  Heal-Reveal and Awaken Your Psychic Self!  World’s Most Powerful Psychic Training and Development!