Universal Core Healing specializes in permanent spiritual healing combined with a spiritual awakening that leads to multiple stages of enlightenment.   Spiritual development, energy healing, and Permanent Positive change are made easy.   We offer advanced energy healing techniques and spiritual education based on truth and not dogma.   This covers the laws and effects of energy to fast-track your success.  If you’re looking for a safe and supportive environment to activate, expand your consciousness, and clairvoyant self,  transform and spiritually grow your relationships, health, finances, and career,  or reduce stress, then you’ve come to the right place. Your energy healing and your spiritual awakening journey start here. A safe place for truth, healing, and developing your spiritual powers.

 Our founder is Tony, the healing medium.  One of the World’s Most Accurate Clairvoyant and Powerful Spiritual Energy Healers.  Tony brings forth a new more accurate higher vibration stronger system of Spiritual Awakening for the new generations to come.   This spiritual awakening system is based on absolute 100% “truth”  Its focus is on Revealing and Healing Your Life.  With this foundation,  Universal Core Healing delivers permanent positive change in your life by Revealing to you what are the hidden energy blocks inside your life theme.   You will learn how and when these negative energies were manifested in your bioplasmic energy field.  

By healing, and removing these energy blocks you can move forward more freely with developing your life-changing spiritual powers.  It will deliver spiritual superpowers like extraordinary accurate clairvoyance and powerful energy healing abilities etc.  Universal Core Healing is a way of living through healing our lives leading us to expand our lives into super consciousness.  We learn to reveal, heal and expand into superconsciousness leading us to Enlightenment.  It is the most powerful spiritual awakening system in the world with the most powerful third eye activation in the world.  See the third eye page for more info

We find too many people have struggled with their spiritual development!   They try to force it because they’re not taught the engineering process, god the Creator has created just for us! Clairvoyance, Mediumship, Remote Viewing, Out of body experience, Spiritual Healing, etc.  Are relatively easy when your teaching is based on absolute “truth”.

“Nobody needs to be saved or rescued. What people need is knowledge of their spiritual power. And how to access it.

Universal Core Healing gives you that spiritual power and more! Universal Core Healing is so much more than just psychic/clairvoyance development. A Spiritual Awakening Tutelage that delivers the absolute truth about why this is in my life. Why do I keep manifesting this? And how to change it to a more positive desired outcome. It all starts with developing and tapping into your god given Super Consciousness. “Your clairvoyant spiritual abilities” God gave us life. It’s up to us what we do with it. 

Universal Core Healing activates and awakens your third eye chakra beyond anything thought possible with no limitations. It accomplishes this by removing energy blocks and obstacles that prevent you from being your accurate psychic self. Simply put, it finds the “root cause,” Also known as the “truth” of why negative recurring life patterns or diseases manifest in your life. 

 “One of the greatest gifts you can pass on to others is knowledge. It wasn’t easy at first, and there wasn’t a sudden change, but it’s like anything else that requires hard work and dedication. Learning about the human experience and our capabilities has given me so much. “The path to becoming spiritually “enlightened” doesn’t have to take a lifetime.” 
by Robert Cortez-Student of universal core healing.
Our founder is Tony, The Healing Medium, who channels Avatar Babaji, an East Indian saint.   Avatar Babaji downloaded and taught tony Universal Core Healing, giving the third eye attunement power to Tony, the healing medium. See the third eye activation page.   Here is some info on Avatar Babaji https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mahavatar_Babaj 


                                                                                                Tony the healing medium Founder of Universal Core Healing

                                                Reveal, Heal, and Awaken Your Clairvoyant Self!!