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Here are a few things you should know.
Text only to receive a response  (714) 222-8835 is direct contact to us. However, we do not ever answer voice calls never! We only respond to text-only questions about our classes or services.

Universal Core Healing has its own simplified Dictionary as it sometimes differs from mainstream definitions.

Universal Core Healing practitioners work from the inside of people’s life themes to find the Root Cause of all Negative Manifestations, Including but not limited to disease, mental illness, and bad karma. Just like a tree that grew from the roots, your life and your personal experiences and manifestations have their origins. A point of origin where they originated from. “The root cause”

Universal Core Healing will go against some traditional mainstream teachings.  We only teach truth no bs no marketing etc.

One of the biggest misconceptions is the word used in mainstream spirituality healing the” inner child”.   There is no healing of the inner child that moment has passed.   What needs healing is the karmic imprint inside your life theme and inside your energy body that is created by an adverse negative experience from your past.    A healer that uses the “term healing the inner child” is mostly underdeveloped and has resorted to jargon phrases.   Not able to precisely locate and identify in very specific facts the root cause of negative recurring life patterns and disease.

Finding the root cause of disease or negative manifestation is critical in spiritual energy healing.   Without it, there is no permanent healing. Healing is usually pointless without knowing and finding the root cause of any negative manifestation. Whatever happens in your life will continue to recycle itself repeatedly with different people, places, and experiences. We call these recurring negative life patterns. The first step in spiritual healing or energy healing after letting go of your ego is to find the root cause of the negative manifestations in your life. Finding the root cause will give you the knowledge of where and how it came into your life. This is the first step in removing it permanently from your life.

Here is the Basic of what you will need to start the healing process.

  1. The reason why it is there
  2. What specifically it is in detail
  3. Where in your celestial body is it located
  4. What needs to be healed
  5. How to heal and release it

Developing psychic spiritual abilities is a choice like no other. It can open you up to all universal truths when done correctly and accurately.  Manifest more love, peace, and happiness. Spirituality can be implemented for self-healing, manifesting, and expanding consciousness. It is a life-changing choice.

When done incorrectly. However, it can create stress and mental illness in one’s life that can last a lifetime! Wrong with terrible consequences is opening your third eye chakra without any healing and revealing of your life. This is mainstream spirituality here in America. It is different in other parts of the world. For decades I spent time in these places where I experienced firsthand spiritual teachers and students in the western world suffering from mental illness mainly because of subtle spirit possessions that they were never aware of—influencing their thoughts and emotions. Why? Because they had done false healing on themself. False healing is a quick fix, feel-good moment.

“A false healing.” Done with the human mind. 90% of the Western world’s healing is false healing! We here in America are very vulnerable to quick fixes. Because of our culture. Our ego etc. However, God already created the process for permanent healing. No matter how often you go for the quick fix 1 or 1000 times, it will not work permanently. This feel-good moment fades away usually in a few days. This means your recurring negative life patterns or disease is still inside your life theme. This permanent healing process is cosmic law, and we humans do not have the power to overwrite it. Universal Core Healing was created with Cosmic laws of creation. It is a fact, evidence, and truth-based permanent healing that you can Validate.  To put it in layman’s terms. UCH practitioners Identify and locate the root cause of all diseases or negative recurring life patterns. So the healing process is from the inside out.

The root cause of bad karma does not start in your energy body. Again it does not begin in the energy body. It starts inside your life theme. From your theme, when gone unhealed, it goes inside your energy body like a virus manifesting bad karma.

Universal Core Healing is new, precise, fact, evidence,  and truth-based spiritual energy healing modality.   That expands human consciousness accurately and rapidly.   "Your Psychic Self"   How? It removes those energy blocks preventing the expansion of your consciousness from the inside out.   Universal Core Healing locates and identifies the root cause " point of origin"  of all diseases and negative recurring life patterns, which means your energy blocks.   The only way of removing energy blocks permanently starts by knowing the root cause and point of origin.   Human consciousness, "your psychic self," can expand rapidly by permanently removing these energy blocks.   We call this healing and revealing your life with universal core healing.  We do this in class a lot.

Please watch the videos below. Afterward, we will send you a brief test to take before being allowed into our Zoom Class. Once the test is completed and returned to us, we will email the Zoom class information and credentials.

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