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Personal Session with Tony The Healing Medium is usually 45 days or more out.  Cost is $1,500 US dollars.  One thousand five hundred.  Payable at the time the appointment is made.  For faster response send us a text with the words “I want an appointment”  We only respond to text only.  No voice calls.  And we will contact you to schedule.  We are also on the WhatsUp app.  (714)222-8835

At your appointment time, you will be welcomed into the reading room. At this time, Psychic Medium Tony will invite the spirit to work with him. This is usually done in the form of a prayer or quiet meditation. There is no reason to feel fear at any time during the reading as it is a creation of love and healing.

Tony will advise you about how his reading will proceed and whether or not you should give input. In many instances, the information has already been coming to him. If this is purely a psychic reading and you do not wish to visit with those on the other side, he will then proceed with respect.

Should your reading be a reading to connect with your loved ones, they will already be in the room. At times, you may be asked earlier in the day to concentrate on the loved one or ones you wish to connect with. Each reading is completely individual based on what Tony senses and is given by those in spirit.

Please put your phone on airplane mode. You may wish to record the session so please check with Tony about the same.