The World’s Most Powerful Open Eye Samadhi Meditation  is led by Tony the healing medium

Samadhi with Universal Core Healing tutelage is a state of intense concentration achieved through meditation. At which union with the divine is reached (before or at death).

What happens during samadhi?

Samadhi is the highest state of consciousness one can achieve through meditation. It consists of a universal core healing practitioner reaching spiritual enlightenment where the self, the mind, and the object of meditation merge into one. You will experience out-of-this-world experiences. You will see and experience interdimensional beings, energies, universes, and a whole lot more. Samadhi will give you the truth about human existence and any question you give to the universe. The experiences are very hard to describe because they are not of the human mind or nature.

Universal Core Healing has a secret open-eye samadhi meditation only done here. It was given to tony the healing medium by Avatar Babaji an eastern saint. This is an exclusive kind only done here samadhi secret meditation. See what happens in the videos below.

The video below is a universal core healing secret open-eye  Samadhi meditation.  Led by Tony The Healing Medium.  Download to tony from his spirit master teacher.  Tony channels all his meditations.

What is the concept of Samadhi?

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Samadhi is a state of profound and utterly absorptive contemplation of the Absolute that is undisturbed by desire, anger, or any other ego-generated thought or emotion. It is a state of joyful calm, or even of rapture and beatitude, in which one maintains one’s full mental alertness and acuity.

In the video below a first-time students of our open-eye meditation describes their personal experiences.

Science is slowly providing evidence that the mechanism to obtain Samadhi is real, and the practices can change the mind. Science further supports that this practice is mindfulness meditation and spiritual healing. Without the spiritual healing aspect, you will never reach the samadhi states of consciousness. Why? Because your energy blocks will prevent you from it. You may experience some psychic experiences but not the enlightenment that samadhi gives you.

In the video below a first-time student of Universal Core Healing Open Eye Samadhi Sunday Meditation experience and travel through interdimensional UniversesSamadhi Secret Open Eye Meditation is held on Sundays for students only!!!  No outsiders allowed.  You must be a student of universal core healing to experience it.