What My Clients Say

Here is only a tidbit of what you might experience!
Thank you for friending me, Tony. I am still on overload and overwhelmed with many emotions. I’m not one for public emotional displays, but what I usually use to prevent this was not working tonight.
Eva and I believed we were attending a healing seminar. I had no idea my soul would be so deeply touched.
I do not doubt anything I experienced. I wasn’t sure why we were going there tonight. And once I got there I panicked and wanted to leave… It felt like too much. My throat constricted and my heart wouldn’t stop thumping! When I smelled the gardenias I knew my grandmother was close. ( it was so strong it almost gagged me… And when I asked Eva if she could smell it and she didn’t; I relaxed because Grams was with me.
I still can’t believe how much hurt was surfacing! I fought the urge to run away because I sensed I was on the cusp of something? I can’t remember all that you said to me or I to you, but it was healing. As was all the love others extended to this total stranger in their world.
As a “newbie” I feel as if I came for a cup of tea and left as if I’d feasted! I know I’m rambling and it's late and you must be exhausted, I’m trying to absorb this gift you all gave to me tonight!
I don’t know what you saw or know about where I am in this life. And it doesn’t matter. The empathy and love given to me tonight is going to remain in my heart always. I wanted to ask you so many things and still to, but you already gave me too much.
All I need to say is Namaste! And Metta! And thank you for being in my life at this moment tonight!


I just wanted to say, “thank you in a big way”. Yesterday, I wasn’t sure what to expect at your wiki Healing Circle. I had my preconceived notions, but that seemed faded.
In the trance, I felt like I was hovering in a threshold state of consciousness, while simultaneously aware of my surroundings and yet deeply drawn in. I left last night feeling a sense of lightness, calm, and mental clarity. I experienced warmth, inner peace and slept well that evening. I woke this morning with energy, motivation, focus, and most of all gratitude.
I had no idea and was surprised when you revealed the root cause of my “feeling” and “being” stuck. I’ve been receiving reiki healings for many years and nothing has come close nor has any practitioner ever revealed the “root cause”.
You were accurate and spot on. Also, Huge thanks and gratitude to the other healers, who assisted This will not be my last visit.
I wanted to take a moment to share my experience with you and to say thank you Tony for helping on my path of spiritual, emotional, and physical growth…Peace & Hugs

Elizabeth D

Here is Mike’s experience

Hi Tony, just wanted you to know how grateful I am for your blessings to me.
I came for meditation and feasted on healing.
I don’t know how you pinpointed with laser-sharp accuracy my experience from over 40 years ago.
Even I couldn’t remember it at first! And it does not matter.
What does matter is that energy is gone and I and free? It feels great! I just open up to more love in my life.

Thanks to you.
Thank you Tony, blessings.