Universal Core Healing

Revealing-Healing to Awaken Your Psychic Self and more!

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    Tired of negative recurring life patterns manifesting in your life
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    Don’t know why this keeps happening to me
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    Tired of pain and suffering
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    Want real and verifiable answers about your life
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    Ready to experience the clairvoyant psychic in you

Most healers target your energy blocks.  This only leads to temporary quick fixes that do not last.   In Universal Core Healing, we target the power source manifesting the energy blocks.  In other words, we find why you have the energy block in the first place.   This power source behind the manifestation of your energy block is called a  karmic imprint.   

A karmic imprint is literally the root cause of disease and negative recurring life patterns. 

That is why we target the “root cause” of the energy block the” karmic imprint”.  Universal Core Healing targets the roots of your disease or negative recurring life patterns.  This then allows long-term permanent healing.  Working to eliminate the roots of your situation is the most critical first step in healing it.

This then allows for more conscious accurate healing allowing more manifestations of your desires. Natural permanent life healing is only a few steps away.  In simple basic terms, here is how it works!


First Universal Core Healing practitioner using the super-conscious mind, identifies and locates your energy blocks inside your life theme and energy body.  These energy blocks create negative recurring life patterns and diseases in your life. This means Universal Core Healing finds the “truth” to why you have this karma in your life in the first place!


We call this “Truth” the “Root Cause” of your negative manifestations in your life.  This “Root Cause” creates a “karmic imprint” inside your life theme.  This karmic imprint from your life theme carries over and makes a vibratory tonal scale inside your bioplasmic energy body.  Your bioplasmic energy body will reflect negative unhealed “karmic imprints.”


A “Karmic imprint” is the energy generator, the power source behind your negative reoccurring life patterns and disease. In simple terms, a karmic imprint creates your bad karma and disease.


Universal Core Healing teaches you how to eliminate these negative Karmic Imprints from your life permanently. It’s that simple. Long-term permanent healing occurs once the negative karmic imprint is accurately identified, located, removed, and released from your energy body and life theme.

Every human being has energy bocks.   We incarnated to overcome and heal our energy blocks.  Eliminating your energy blocks “karmic imprints” from your energy field expands your consciousness accurately and rapidly.   You are allowing a state of conscious awareness of the truth to everything.   Finding out the truth as to why this is in my life is the first step in achieving powerful natural healing!

You’ll be guided through the process of addressing physical, emotional, and spiritual issues by learning the fundamentals of Universal Core Healing. Discover how to get to the core of any life block and clear it fast. It’s an essential life tool for any problem.  Finding the root energetic cause behind your own and others’ conditions is a rewarding achievement – it’s a path to building a new life!


Developing psychic spiritual abilities is a choice like no other. When done accurately, it can open you up to all universal truths.  Manifest more love, peace, and happiness. Spirituality can be implemented for self-healing, manifesting, and expanding consciousness. It is a life-changing choice.

When done wrong

 It can create stress and mental illness in one’s life that can last a lifetime! Wrong with terrible consequences is opening your third eye chakra without any healing and revealing of your life. This is mainstream spirituality here in America. It is totally different in other parts of the world. For decades I spent time in these places where I experienced firsthand spiritual teachers and students in the western world suffering from mental illness mainly because of subtle spirit possessions that they were never aware of—influencing their thoughts and emotions. Why? Because they had done false healing on themself. False healing is a quick fix, feel-good moment.

“A false healing.” Done with the human mind. 90% of the healing in the Western World is false healing. ? We here in America of very vulnerable to quick fixes. Because of our culture. Our ego etc. However, God already created the process for permanent healing. No matter how often you go for the quick fix 1 or 1000, it will not work permanently. This feel-good moment fades away usually in a few days. This means your recurring negative life patterns or disease is still inside your life theme. This healing process is cosmic law, and we humans do not have the power to overwrite it. Universal Core Healing was created with Cosmic laws of creation. It is a fact, evidence, and truth-based healing that you can Validate.  To put it in layman’s terms. UCH practitioners Identify and locate the root cause of all diseases or negative recurring life patterns. So the healing process is from the inside out. The root cause of bad karma does not start in your energy body. Again it does not begin in the energy body. It starts inside your life theme. From your theme, when gone unhealed, it goes inside your energy body like a virus manifesting bad karma.

$25 per class. 4 classes required to join=$100. Classes are online only! Please purchase your classes one week in advance. Introdcutory Videos will be emailed to the email used to purchase your classes. Class is Every Thursday 7-9pm and Samadhi Sundays Meditation is on Sunday 10am-12noon. Pacific Standard Time.