Universal Core Healing

Psychic/Clairvoyance Development is a Commitment to Self Mastery. Spiritual healing is a prerequisite for Spiritual Power! Spiritual Freedom and Enlightenment is only a few step away!

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    Tired of negative recurring life patterns manifesting in your life. Learn who to stop it.
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    Don’t know why this keeps happening to me. Learn why
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    Tired of pain and sufferring. Learn how to remove it.
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    Want real 100% verifiable answers about your life. Learn how to recieve it
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    Want to expand your consciouness and Activate your Third Eye Powers beyond ordinary limits


First Universal Core Healing practitioners using the super-conscious mind,  will identify and locate the energy blocks inside your life theme and energy body.  These energy blocks create negative recurring life patterns and diseases in your life. This means Universal Core Healing finds the “truth” as to why you have this karma in your life in the first place!


We call this “Truth” the “Root Cause” of the negative manifestations in your life.  This “Root Cause” creates a “karmic imprint” inside your life theme.  This karmic imprint from your life theme carries over and makes a vibratory tonal scale inside your bioplasmic energy body.  Your bioplasmic energy body will reflect negative unhealed “karmic imprints.”


A “Karmic imprint” also known as the “truth” is the energy generator, the power source behind your negative reoccurring life patterns and disease. In simple terms, a karmic imprint creates your bad karma and disease.  Universal Core Healing will show, assist and help you release this negative karmic imprint from your life theme permanently.  This allows for lifelong permanent healing.  


Universal Core Healing teaches you how to eliminate these negative Karmic Imprints from your life permanently. It’s that simple. Long-term permanent healing occurs once the negative karmic imprint is accurately identified, located, removed, and released from your energy body and life theme.  This allows and delivers more spiritual freedom into your life!

Every human being has energy bocks.   We are incarnated to specifically overcome and heal our energy blocks.  Eliminating your energy blocks aka “karmic imprints” from your energy field expands your consciousness accurately and rapidly.   You are allowing a state of conscious awareness of the truth to everything.   Finding out the truth as to why this is in my life is the first step in achieving powerful natural healing!

In a supportive environment, you’ll be guided through the process of addressing physical, emotional, and spiritual issues by learning the fundamentals of Universal Core Healing. Discover how to get to the core of any lifeblock and clear it fast. It’s an essential life tool for any problem.  Finding the root energetic cause behind your own and others’ conditions is a rewarding achievement – it’s a path to building a new life!


Reveal Energy Blocks, Heal Energy Blocks, And Awaken Your Clairvoyant Self! 

Universal Core Healing targets the power source that is manifesting your disease or recurring negative life patterns.    In other words, we find out why you have this bad karma in your life in the first place.   We identify and locate the power source behind the manifestation of your energy blocks aka karmic imprint the root cause of your problem. 

Here is how it works!

Once the root cause is identified and located.  We then have the truth as to why this disease or negative recurring life pattern is in your life.  With this truth, the healing journey can begin.  Without knowing or working with the truth no long-term permanent healing can occur!    Working to eliminate the “root cause” of your disease or negative recurring life pattern is the most critical first step in healing it.  Once healed, this opens you up to more creativity, desirable manifestations, and extremely  Accurate spiritual powers!  Your Spiritual Powers will expand beyond your wildest dreams. See our third eye activation page for more information.

So how is Universal Core Healing different from the rest? 

 Answer-Most other energy healing modalities only transfer, and manipulate energy and move it around, like aura cleansing, chakra cleansing, chakra balancing, chakra healing, etc.   While in comparison, this feels good and is a good first step.  This only leads to a temporary quick fix that is not long-term permanent healing.   Universal Core Healing will take 6-8 months to comprehend.  Why? Because it is not a feel-good moment that won’t last.  It is a permanent way of healing, removing bad karma, and expanding your consciousness for the rest of your life. 

Why do most spiritual energy healings fail? 

Because they have not identified and located the true nature of your problem.  The when, where, and how, this disease or recurring negative life patterns formed and entered into your energy field.  Manifesting your life theme.   If you don’t know the when, where, and how.  Then it will just keep recycling itself over and over again.  Disease and recurring negative life patterns will continue to be recycled in your life until the “root cause” is found.   Most healing gurus are just trying to heal the symptoms.  Symptoms will always return in time.  Until the “root cause” is dissolved and released.   The “root cause”  is the reason why this is in your life in the first place.  This root cause creates a “karmic imprint”  that is inside your subconscious mind.  Most if not all people go through life unaware of it.   A karmic imprint is the root cause of your problem. 

Karmic imprints are the power source that manifests your disease and negative recurring life patterns without your human mind ever being aware of it.   


$25 per class. 4 classes required to join=$100. Classes are online only! Please purchase your classes one week in advance. Introdcutory Videos will be emailed to the email used to purchase your classes. Class is Every Thursday 7-9pm and Samadhi Sundays Meditation is on Sunday 10am-12noon. Pacific Standard Time.