The Secret to Psychic Mediumship Abilities

Spiritual Growth for Healing, Manifesting and Expanding Your Consciousness

Spirituality for healing, manifesting and expanding consciousness

Psychic Mediumship Development to Energy Healing to Super Consciousness.  Nobody needs to be saved or rescued.  What people need is Knowledge of their spiritual power.  And how to access it!  

Reaching higher states of Consciousness, “spiritual awakening,” doesn’t come without energy blocks.   Universal Core Healing teaches you how to identify, locate and remove those energy blocks.  Most people will wander through life without ever knowing why adverse recurring manifestations occur in their life. Wondering and suffering is an option! But here is a better one.

Universal Core Healing gives you the healing power to self-heal.   This intern Meets Cosmic law to accurately and powerfully activate your third eye chakra, “your psychic self,”    This is the pathway to obtaining Super Consciousness.  With this super consciousness, you will see the truth in all things, including your Manifestations and desires.  Manifesting can then become joy.  Peace and love and understanding now become you. 

You will respond to life’s manifestation with the Super Conscious Mind.  And no longer react to life’s manifestations with the ignorant human mind. 

Universal Core Healing is freedom from life’s negative manifestations! Freedom from your fears and hates.  A Universal Core Healer is a fully developed psychic medium and energy healer. The Secret To becoming extremely psychic is simple. You must self-heal To perfect your spiritual abilities. It’s that simple!  Founder of Universal Core Healing is Tony The Healing Medium