Intuitive Clairvoyant Psychic and Spiritual Healing in Los Angeles with Tony The Healing Medium. Online

Spiritual Growth for Healing, Manifesting and Expanding Your Consciousness

Spirituality for healing, manifesting and expanding consciousness

Psychic development for healing, manifesting and expanding consciousness with Tony the Healing Medium.

Reveal and Heal Your Energy Blocks! To Awaken Your Psychic Clairvoyant Self!   This frees your spiritual powers and abilities to flow and develop rapidly and accurately.   This method eliminates decades of wasted time and effort.   Expanding to higher levels of consciousness demands removing your energy blocks also known as “karmic imprints”  Everybody has them.  No matter who you are.  You incarnate to overcome your energy blocks.  That’s the purpose of life.  To overcome your energy blocks.  It’s really that simple.

A Course In Intuition

Psychic intuitive, clairvoyant and spiritual healing Los Angeles is the only one of its kind.

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Psychic development begins with the understanding that we all posses the ability to feel beyond what is consciously known through opening and connecting to our extra sensory perception or.. sixth sense. Just like building muscles at the gym, the more we train, and flex our intuitive muscles, the stronger and more reliable they will become. The natural, or material world, is not what it seems. We are living in a constant state of illusion, believing only what we are fed and can see or touch. What lies beyond this 1 percent world is the 99 percent or the supernatural, non-physical plane. It is here, in this mystical place, where our intuition is born. It is here where truth and wisdom resides, where the divine light resinates connecting us to god and the secrets of the universe. This is our true home and illusion can not exist here.

To be psychic is knowing something to be true transcending conscious reasoning. We all have experienced this sensation in some form through one of the many psychic channels or gifts. Intuitive Development with Tony The Healing Medium at Universal Core Healing provides a safe space where students learn how to transcend from the conscious into the subconscious/superconscious, connect to their psychic channel, trust their gut feelings, and create a doorway into the unknown using different tools and modalities. You will practice and study and spirituality, meditation, and play games to strengthen your psychic muscles. Universal Core Healing is a tutelage for developing your spirituality powerfully and accurately, more info

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