Psychic- Spiritual Healing Training- Huntington Beach Ca

Spiritual Growth for Healing, Manifesting and Expanding Your Consciousness

Spirituality for healing, manifesting and expanding consciousness

Our psychic development class in Huntington Beach is Universal Core Healing.

Universal Core Healing teaches and performs energy healing that leads to spiritual awakenings to expand your consciousness.   This leads to multiple stages of enlightenment.   Spiritual development, energy healing, and Permanent Positive change are made easy.   We offer advanced energy healing techniques and spiritual education based on truth and not dogma.   This covers the laws and effects of energy to fast-track your success.  If you’re looking for a safe and supportive environment to activate, expand your consciousness, and clairvoyant self,  transform and spiritually grow your relationships, health, finances, and career,  or reduce stress, you’ve come to the right place. Your energy healing and your spiritual awakening journey start here. A safe place for truth, healing, and developing your spiritual powers.

 Our founder is Tony, the healing medium.  One of the World’s Most Accurate Clairvoyant and Powerful Spiritual Energy Healers.  Tony brings forth a new more accurate higher vibration stronger system of Spiritual Awakening for the new generations to come.   This spiritual awakening system is based on absolute 100% “truth”  Its focus is on Revealing and Healing Your Life.  With this foundation,  Universal Core Healing delivers permanent positive change in your life by Revealing to you what are the hidden energy blocks inside your life theme.   You will learn how and when these negative energies were manifested in your bioplasmic energy field.  

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