Psychic School Delivers Real Accuracy

Spiritual Growth for Healing, Manifesting and Expanding Your Consciousness

Spirituality for healing, manifesting and expanding consciousness

Universal Core Healing gives you healing power, ability to consciously  manifest and the ability to expand your consciousness.   Real permanent life healing is only a few steps away.

Universal Core Healing Connects the Sub-Conscious Mind to the Energy Body.  Your energy body  reflects what is inside your sub consciousness mind.    Your sub-conscious mind  merges with your  energy body together to reflect the truth about yourself!  Your Karma!  Meaning your life manifestations.

We call this “Truth” the “Root Cause” to your negative manifestations in your life.  This “Root Cause” creates a what is called a “Karmic Imprint” in your life theme and energy field.
A “Karmic imprint” is the energy generator the power source behind your negative reoccurring life patterns and disease. In simple terms a karmic imprint creates your bad karma.
Universal Core Healing Identifies and locates your energy blocks. These energy blocks create negative reoccurring life patterns and disease in your life. This simply means it finds the “truth” to why you have this bad karma in your life in the first place.

Universal Core Healing teaches you how to eliminate your negative Karmic Imprints out of your life permanently. It’s really that simple!  Once your energy blocks are removed you can then proceed to manifest consciously your hearts desire.


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