Self Healing Finds The Truth About Yourself

Spiritual Growth for Healing, Manifesting and Expanding Your Consciousness

Spirituality for healing, manifesting and expanding consciousness

Are you tired of spiritual-energy healings that don’t work? Want to learn Self Healing that works? Universal Core Healing Spirituality for Self Healing, Manifesting, and Expanding Consciousness. It’s all the same journey. A journey that becomes a way of life. Healing is not a class or event. Spiritual Healing leads to expanding your consciousness, just like when some choose a healthier lifestyle. Spiritual healing becomes a way of living for the rest of your life. True permanent healing awakens your spiritual self to your supernatural abilities.

Universal Core Healing is a Tutelage founded by Tony The Healing Medium. A Progressive self-healing modality is leading to Spiritual Awakening. Spiritual awakening at universal core healing leads to gaining super consciousness.

Universal Core Healing will teach you how to locate and identify the power source manifesting every disease and negative reoccurring life patterns in your life and the lives of others without any exemptions. These power sources are energy implants. An Energy implant is a Karmic Imprint in your life theme. Located in your bioplasmic energy body, and every human being has them. Your power, good or bad, is sourced from these energy implants. We have hundreds if not thousands of them. These energy implants hold a vibrational tonal scale that raises or lowers your vibration, manifesting your life. Changing your life or raising your vibration requires you to locate and identify the source of the power manifesting your vibrations. In simple terms, it means you identify and find the truth to why you have a disease, negative reoccurring life patterns, abundance issues, relationship issues, etc., or simply put, bad karma in your life

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