Energy Healing Requires”Getting To The Truth”

Spiritual Growth for Healing, Manifesting and Expanding Your Consciousness

Spirituality for healing, manifesting and expanding consciousness

Energy healing is simple and powerful when working with the truth! There is a lot of nonsense and bs out there coming from many energy healing gurus. Most are westernized, taught healers. Most label themselves as a master healer this or that. Most westernized spiritual healers are quick fixers. These quick fixes are never permanent. They don’t last very long. Our culture and their egos mold these quick fixers. Our ego and culture demand instant gratification without any truth found or inner work done. These quick fixers learn only how to draw energy to transfer it to their clients. And sometimes clear and move energy around a bit. Receiving energy and clearing it is good. It elevates your energy only temporarily. But it does not clear the karma or, as we call it, Karmic imprint causing congestion or unbalanced and manifesting negativity in your life.

A karmic imprint is a term used in Universal Core Healing. A karmic imprint is the “root cause” of negative recurring life patterns or diseases. A Karmic Imprint power sources your good or bad manifestations. Karmic Imprints create blockages in your meridian lines, causing havoc in your bioplasmic energy body. Most western taught healers do not know what a karmic imprint is and cannot accurately locate and identify “karmic imprints” Why? Because it requires a very high level of expanded consciousness, sometimes called superconsciousness. Most spiritual healers in Western society don’t have a high level of expanded consciousness. Why? Their ego is sold on attending a few classes and obtaining a certificate declaring themselves healers. Western

No certificate will make you a healer. Do you believe your certificate defines your spiritual power? Certificates are artificial labels used to sell your ego on something you wish to identify yourself as. Like wearing very expensive sneakers, you get a feeling about yourself.

Acquiring Super Consciousness doesn’t have to take a lifetime, but it doesn’t’ come without some obstacles. Obtaining a higher level of self-healing is a prerequisite. It is cosmic law. When accomplished, this high level of self-healing directly reflects inside your bioplasmic energy body. Your energy centers, meridians and dantien etc.. all vibrate and hold energy that directly reflects the level of self-healing you have accomplished. This is the gateway to attaining true Super Consciousness!

When self healing is accomplished accurately levels of revolutionary consciousness can be obtain. They are hard to describe as it does not involve the human brain. In universal core healing the human brain is called the ignorant human brain. Why? Because compared to the super consciousness that has no limitations. The human brain is minimal.

A karmic imprint is the power source of recurring negative life patterns and disease.

Over the course of our daily lives, we accumulate blockages in our energy body due to information being passed directly into our energy centers from our subconscious mind. Through our meridian lines. From various factors such as outside environment and interaction with other people. Basically, through the human experience, you have manifested thus far. We have hundreds if not thousands of these powers sources called “karmic imprints” A quick fix from an underdeveloped healer will not remove it.

“Karmic Imprints” gone unchecked unlocated, unidentified, and unhealed will manifest your karma. Your life experience. It’s that simple!

First time samadhi meditation with tony the healing medium