Universal Core Healing finds the Truth! To Why This Disease and or Recurring Negative Life Pattern Is IN Your Life “Root Cause”

Developing Your Psychic Abilitiies
Spiritual Growth for Healing, Manifesting and Expanding Your Consciousness

Spirituality for healing, manifesting and expanding consciousness

Spiritual Energy Healing, Manifesting and Expanding Consciousness that works permanently!

Universal Core Healing is Spiritual Energy Healing and a whole lot more. Universal Core Healing is not a class. It is tutelage.  So why is it a tutelage and not a class?  The answer is straightforward.  Universal Core Healing is an ongoing learning process of Spiritual Self-Healing by finding the “root cause” of disease or bad karma. We learn to manifest by identifying and locating our energy blocks.  Aka “karmic imprints.”

Universal Core Healing removes the conditional thinking of the human brain. That was given to you by your specific personal life history experience. And expanding you into creative thinking by learning to access the superconscious mind.

By expanding into Super Consciousness in this state, you will have the truthful answer to any question.  You will have the truth as a basis to operate from when manifesting, healing, and revealing your life.  Tony, while developing, experience lots of teachers and many so-called healers.  Most were entertaining at best.  However, nothing he experienced in his classes was long-term natural permanent healing.  Tony studied with a shaman in the amazons in South America, and his grandmother was a shaman healer.  However, Tony gave it up when he was anointed by Avatar Babaji, an east Indian saint, who taught him Universal Core Healing. Tony, the healing medium, was anointed to teach Universal Core Healing, and it was brought to the western world. 

Tony holds two classes Universal Core Healing and Samadhi Sundays.