Developing Psychic Abilities

Spiritual Growth for Healing, Manifesting and Expanding Your Consciousness

Spirituality for healing, manifesting and expanding consciousness

Intuition to psychic abilities, clairvoyance, etc... It is all already there for you to use. Developing your psychic abilities is all really about expanding your consciousness. Spiritual awakening to Spiritual healing it’s all just about expanding your consciousness. It’s all the same thing. Expanding your consciousness accurately delivers your spiritual power. “your psychic abilities” However, this doesn’t come without obstacles. These obstacles are energy blocks hidden for decades and decades inside your subconscious mind. Reflected in your bioplasmic energy body. Most people spend decades and decades developing their spiritual abilities with little gain. From going to ayahuasca retreat to a spirit circle for developing their psychic abilities. These do little to no gain except feed your ego. Going to an Ayahuasca retreat usually makes a lot of money for the person who sells you the gimmick. But it does little to expand your consciousness. Why no real long-term healing is done.

Psychic abilities are accurately obtained by following cosmic law. Not by following a marketing strategy, someone sold you, usually in the form of a psychic development course or retreat. Psychic development is a spiritual journey, not a development circle. God, the creator, already has a set plan. An engineered process to follow. Not following this process will result in decades and decades of little gains. The process is not a secret, and it is not hidden anywhere. But it can be difficult at times to say in the process. In Universal Core Healing, we call this engineered by god process Healing and Revealing your life. This leads to accurately activating your third eye chakra. The portal to higher consciousness. This healing and revealing process at Universal Core Healing removes those energy blocks that are inside your subconscious mind and energy field. These are the obstacles in the way of obtaining super consciousness.

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