Spiritual Energy Healing. “The Secret To Permanent Self Healing” Exposed

Spiritual Growth for Healing, Manifesting and Expanding Your Consciousness

Spirituality for healing, manifesting and expanding consciousness

Spirituality for healing, manifesting, and expanding consciousness Warning the Secret to Energy Healing may offend you! Why? Because it’s the Truth!

Not all spiritual healings are the same. Not all spiritual mediums are the same. Most, if not all, western energy healers give energy and can manipulate people’s energy fields, their chakras auras, chakra healing, chakra balancing, etc as a means of healing. This is good, but it is not permanent healing. Most energy healers are not trained or do not have the ability or cannot identify and locate the root cause of disease and recurring negative life patterns in people’s life themes. Your life theme is the secret to your disease and/or negative recurring life patterns. “Bad Karma” Your root cause is inside your life theme before it became part of your energy field. Most energy healers are only prepared to manipulate people’s energy fields. This gives the client a feel-good moment. This is what is referred to as a quick fix. This does not last very long. This is mainstream spirituality. Universal Core Healing completely locates and identifies the root cause or” point of origin” of all diseases and negative recurring life patterns. Universal Core Healing is a Fact, Evidence, and Truth based spiritual energy healing system. That rapidly expands your consciousness. How? In layman’s terms, it permanently removes your karmic imprints, also known as energy blocks, out of your energy body! This allows for a more rapid expansion of consciousness. This brings more peace, love, and understanding to the World. And that’s what we are here to do.

In the video Tony demostrates Universal Core Healing on a live person. Jaylo recieves a Spiritiual Energy Healing like no other!!

To begin, it’s important to have some knowledge about Tony the Healing Medium and his background. Tony initially worked as Evidential Medium Tony Gomez, known to be one of the most precise spiritual mediums worldwide. Although he possessed many spiritual abilities such as being a medium, prophet, out-of-body experiencer, and remote viewer, he never intended to become a spiritual energy healer himself. He was content with his work as an evidential medium until one night when he received a spiritual visit from a powerful being of light named Babaji. Babaji showed Tony a vast book containing many historical figures and asked him to select one, as he had been chosen to receive higher consciousness and bring more truth, peace, and love to the world. Tony was amazed by the opportunity and asked Babaji if he too would join him on this journey. Since then, Ascended Master Babaji has been Tony’s master teacher from the spirit world.

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