Real Permanent Healing Vs Fake Healing

Spiritual Growth for Healing, Manifesting and Expanding Your Consciousness

Spirituality for healing, manifesting and expanding consciousness

Healing once life is not complicated. The complication starts with your human thoughts, which lead to wrong preconceived ideas once these preconceived ideas from your human thoughts are out of the way. Meaning your ego is no longer in control of you. You can then proceed to find, identify, and locate the “truth” to why this negative recurring life pattern or disease is in your life. So why are there so many failures in spiritual energy healing? There are many misconceptions in our western ego-based society. Yes, our society is ego-based. Marketing is highly rated in our world. And marketing sells and is king in our society. . But it doesn’t always give you the truth! The truth is, no matter how often you get a spiritual reading or receive a “healing,” as most energy healers call it. You probably won’t be healed. Sure receiving an energy transfer to your bioplasmic energy body feels good. It’s calming. The truth is you have not done the work to identify the root cause of your bad karma. Finding the root cause of your bad karma is a spiritual healing journey that will change your life and expand your consciousness. But the truth is most people are operating from their bad karma, manifesting emotions and thoughts keeping them hostage to the marketing ploys. They play on your shattered ego. To get you to believe the untruth! The healing process is a journey, not a session. Energy transfer helps, but it is not the end-all. The actual journey with the proper knowledge is the healing process. No one needs to be saved or rescued. What people need is knowledge of their own spiritual power and how to access it!

By tony the healing medium

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