Healing and Revealing to Awaken Your Clairvoyant Self! This Spiritual Healing leads to Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Growth for Healing, Manifesting and Expanding Your Consciousness

Spirituality for healing, manifesting and expanding consciousness

The world’s most powerful psychic development class is like no other! Come join us to receive spiritual healing that leads to spiritual awakening

Spiritual Healing Doesn’t have to take a lifetime! Universal Core Healing Practitioners are fully developed, accurate spiritual mediums and energy healers who can precisely find, locate and identify the “Root Cause” of any disease or negative recurring life patterns in your life. You, as the client, will then know, in detail, exactly why the issue manifested into your life, where it originated from, why it is in your life “its purpose,” and what needs to be done to resolve, remove and heal it permanently out of your life. Healing is all done through spirituality, which is as precise as mathematics. Our Karmic Imprints (spirit energy) create and manifest good and bad life manifestations. We subconsciously create our lives through these Karmic Imprints without ever being aware. We heal and remove the negative karmic imprints, leaving the positive Karmic imprints alone.

Are you tired of struggling? Are you tired of not knowing why negative life patterns recycle in your life repeatedly?

Are you tired of living in fear?

Received energy healing with little or no permanent recovery?

If your answer is Yes! Then Stop living your life blindly! Natural and Permanent Healing starts with finding out why you have manifested the life you have! “the root cause” Universal Core Healing will teach you how to awaken your superconscious fully! Not just to your psychic self but your super consciousness. Awaken your superconscious self and find out the truth about everything. As it says in every holy scripture, “The truth will set you free.” By healing and revealing the “root cause” of karmic imprints “energy blocks” and then replenishing you with a new higher vibratory energy of golden light, after releasement of your karmic imprints your higher super consciousness (your psychic self and more) will be activated.

Energy blocks prevent your Higher Super Consciousness from fully developing. This is the first step to transitioning into a better life.

Universal Core healing

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