Spiritual Energy Healing and Clairvoyant Training with Tony The Healing Medium

Spiritual Growth for Healing, Manifesting and Expanding Your Consciousness

Spirituality for healing, manifesting and expanding consciousness

Psychic/Clairvoyance Development is a Commitment to Self Mastery. Spiritual healing is a prerequisite for Spiritual Power!

Universal Core Healing

Healing is not complicated. Activating your third eye chakra doesn’t have to take a lifetime. Reveal Heal and Awaken Your Clairvoyant Self. So what is the super highway to expanding your consciousness? Answer- Reveal, Heal and Awaken Your Clairvoyant Self

Universal Core Healing is a tutelage to awaken your super-consciousness. The real you!! The you that can get all the answers you want and desire. God the creator is not holding you back. You have the power already to access the wonders of the Universe. It’s already there. It has always been there. Your human experience had hidden them from you. You don’t have to hide in a cave for years to acquire superconsciousness. Or do those old fashion ways of doing so. In plain truth, all you need to do is heal your energy blocks accurately and truthfully. Specifically and accurately is the name of the game. With the real truth. Not a feel-good psychic reading or a quick-fix energy healing. In the long run, these do not work permanently and you will be back to square one before you know it. Disease or energy blocks are there to help you heal your life. By healing your life the secrets that have been kept from you from the human experience will real themself to you naturally.

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