Spiritual Healing Leads To Clarity And Freedom To Be In Control OF Your Life!

Spiritual Growth for Healing, Manifesting and Expanding Your Consciousness

Spirituality for healing, manifesting and expanding consciousness

Tony The Healing Medium a Spiritual Healer and Teacher

Spirituality, Consciousness, Energy Healing. What this all about?

People always ask my why does this always happen to me! Or Why do I feel this way. Answer Karmic imprints are creating experiences in your life leaving behind a deep rooted feeling that is stuck in your celestial body. It really that simple.

Tired of struggling through life?
Want to heal your life now, but don’t know how or what needs healing? Have many unanswered questions about your life?
Want to learn why bad things and good things happen in your life? Do you keep repeating over and over again the same life patterns and don’t know why?
Need something more real? 
Want to understand your life better? Ready to make changes in your life for the better?

Answer: Universal Core Healing thru Awakening Your Psychic self! 

Why do we need to open our psychic self?

Answer: To remove the human perception. That created your problems in the first place. So you can access your higher consciousness the “God mind” in all of your life issues. Real and permanent healing comes from accessing your god mind inside of you. Knowing how to know answers to life’s most critical questions is the first step in improving your life!

Here is further description of Universal Core Healing

Universal Core Healing is a Spiritual Energy Healing Modality it is Energy Medicine. It is the science of knowing how to know life answers to your life’s most difficult questions. It encompasses many traditional healing practices, from the Vedas Hindu Text, Toa, Buddhism, and other religious philosophy. Practitioners perform energy healings, extractions, cleanses, purification, exorcisms, and removing of bad karmic imprints from your life permanently. The biggest most profound asset is the ability of the practitioner to be able to find answers to why experiences happen in your particular life. Practitioners can find the”Root Cause” to any disease or bad karma in your life. We believe finding and identifying the root cause to any bad karma is the most important first step. So clients know exactly in detail what needs to be healed , where it originated from, and what needs to be done to remove it permanently out of your life! No other healing modality does this in the western world! Practitioners are specialists in spiritual and human affairs. Universal Core Healing was created and downloaded through what we call Spirit to Spirit Communion Union thru Tony The Healing Medium. “while in a trance state” 


Universal Core Healing can demonstrate by spiritual means, but means that are precise as mathematics, that a host of bad conditions of life may be remedied . Accumulative energies are identified inside your celestial body, energies mostly that you are not consciously aware of. These energies we call and have doved “karmic imprints”. “karma” Here is our very own definition of karma as it differs from mainstream knowledge when applied to Universal Core Healing. 

Predisposition to specific life patterns, Example you can have a predisposition to the feeling of unloved, unhappiness, or illness or injury.

These karmic imprints are what create good and bad experiences in your life. That means what is inside of you creates your life experiences. The destructive karmic patterns are what we concern ourselves with only. The good karmic imprints we leave alone. In actuality, we subconsciously create our own lives through these karmic imprints without ever being aware of them. Universal Core Healing, through energy medicine, processes remedies on a host of bad karma. Universal Core Healing is Spiritual Healing, sometimes called energy medicine.

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Tony The Healing Medium

Tony The Healing Medium

He is the founder of Universal Core Healing An internationally recognized trance medium located in Orange County California USA

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