Spiritual Healing thru Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Growth for Healing, Manifesting and Expanding Your Consciousness

Spirituality for healing, manifesting and expanding consciousness

Everyone can be psychic

Psychic and intuitive abilities, like giving spiritual healing, should not be regarded as the gift of the few – they are the birthright of everyone on Earth. These abilities are latent within us all – and intuition and psychic development can occur through spiritual practices, such as yoga breathing, mantra, and various forms of service to others, such as prayer and spiritual healing.  Universal Core Healing is the Most Accurate and Rapid way to become a powerful medium and energy healer by far.  It is the most direct way of implementing your psychic abilities rapidly and accurately. It is the science of removing the energy blocks that prevent you from being an awakened being of light.

Specific techniques are oriented explicitly towards developing these abilities. In contrast, others are oriented towards some other goal, but result in psychic and intuitive development, as a side effect. For example, suppose you practice yoga breathing intensely over a long period to gain enlightenment, with no interest in psychic abilities. In that case, you will nevertheless become psychic as a result.

While everyone can develop their psychic abilities, it may not be a particular individual’s destiny to prioritize this. It may be much more critical to learn a specific skill not directly relating to anything psychic. However, every skill can be enhanced by introducing a psychic element.

Psychic abilities are neither good nor bad

Psychic abilities are neither good nor bad in themselves – it is how they are used makes them good or bad. If, for example, you use psychic ability to look at a client’s aura before giving them spiritual healing, and you see exactly what part of the aura needs particular attention. You then tune in to the exact magnetic energy required to help heal that person; this is a good thing to do. However, if you use psychic ability to satisfy greed or harm someone else, this is a misuse. It is as simple as that.

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