The Importance of Being Psychic For Self Healing, Manifesting and Expanding Consciousness

Spiritual Growth for Healing, Manifesting and Expanding Your Consciousness

Spirituality for healing, manifesting and expanding consciousness

Importance of becoming Psychic

Being psychic enables you to tap into your subconscious mind and the spirit realm. When you develop your psychic power(s) it allows you to access information directly from the universe. Practicing Buddhists and Hindus have known this since before the time of Christ and the scientific evidence is now far reaching and overwhelming.

According to ancient healing lore, we have a spiritual body ruled by ‘Chakras’ (meaning ‘spinning wheel’ in Sanskrit), which are spinning energy centers or vortices of the body located within us. They essentially control our mental and spiritual experience. Each Chakra is perceived as a spinning, vibrating wheel of light, and each one is a different color. Put together; they create our aura.

At Universal Core Healing, Tony Gomez, master healer medium, teaches you about the seven main primary chakras in our energy system and reveals how to unleash your psychic abilities by training you on opening your third eye chakra.

People with psychic abilities have their gifts for a reason. They’re here on earth with unique purposes and missions to create changes, manifest blessings, and help restore, plus much more!!! Also, how each person receives psychic information can be amazing. Psychic relates to the supernatural capabilities of the mind, and meeting our deepest Self/Higher Self/Own Soul IS a major step in our spiritual progress.

Please do not attempt to awaken and develop your psychic abilities alone on a serious note.  Uncovering your natural gifts by yourself is a dangerous path that can lead to various forms of psychic attack, especially if you are attempting to help yourself and others.  It is possible to have psychic powers and not know it, and it is also highly likely that you may be struggling with some spirit issues and not know it. To learn more information, please visit our website at

Know this; if you are already experiencing psychic abilities alone, then we encourage you to come to Universal Core Healing and learn how to manage your abilities, preferably by a trained psychic and healer medium such as Tony Gomez, who is a trained psychic and teacher with well over 30 years of experience (he can be found directly at the Universal School of Core Healing). We all can develop our intuition and psychic abilities but better to explore and be guided by a trained master psychic healer medium in a safe environment, mainly if you are unsure how to handle your visions or deal with them.

Every human being has access to psychic abilities and spiritual gifts that can be developed. If you wish to develop yours, contact us now –

Just imagine if everyone learned to develop their psychic abilities, what a much better place the world would be to live in!

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