Third Eye Chakra Activation Event brings Manifestation of Jesus Christ

Spiritual healing thru Spiritual Awakening
Spiritual Growth for Healing, Manifesting and Expanding Your Consciousness

Spirituality for healing, manifesting and expanding consciousness

Third eye Chakra Activation participant a non-believer in Jesus sees Jesus with her bare naked eyes wide open in front of her on the spot.

Jesus shows up at Universal Core Healing in our third eye activation event! Yes, he did! People saw him with their bare naked eyes open in front of them.  Want higher consciousness clairvoyance and more spritual healing power?  Opening up to your higher self doesn’t have to take a lifetime! Healing and Revealing with Universal Core Healing opens you up to expanded consciousness. 


 Third eye chakra activation is Spirituality for self-healing, manifesting, and expanding consciousness. Fast track your healing and expansion of consciousness. Our third eye activation opens and increases your clairvoyance and healing abilities on the spot!!!!!

Universal Core Healing Third Eye Chakra Activation is no-nonsense Spiritual Awakening

 The third eye is the sixth chakra, where you listen to your inner voice,  intuition, and clairvoyance.  Third eye activation connects you to your soul, avatars, Fairies, Jesus, energies, and a lot more on the spot with their bare naked eyes open. Third eye chakra activation eliminates decades of wasted time and effort developing higher consciousness and spiritual abilities. 

This is a self-realization technic only done at Universal Core Healing. Universal Core Healing third eye attunement gives you the spiritual power you need for spiritual healings, readings, etc. Spiritual power at its best. Our third eye attunement is an initiation into Universal Core Healing Tutelage. It comprises nine levels of different vibratory tonal scales.

Perform at variable stages. Each one brings you more and more spiritual power! On the spot! In particular, our third eye activation opens powerful clairvoyance capabilities to see the human aura and energy field and its intricacies, spirit beings and more!

We get a lot of requests internationally for this third eye activation

For all nonstudents outside of our tutelage. It requires going thru a seven-day spiritual cleansing process.

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