The Secret To Spiritual Energy Healing

Spiritual Growth for Healing, Manifesting and Expanding Your Consciousness

Spirituality for healing, manifesting and expanding consciousness

The secret to Self Healing, Manifesting, and Expanding your Consciousness. I will share the most common question “annoying” we get at Universal Core Healing. Please don’t be offended by this truth! But if you are, it means you have just identified a core issue about yourself. The following details how much the human ego has been Identified by marketing gurus that tell you what you want to hear. To take your Money$$ The most significant lie out there is “quick fix me, people.” These hurry up and fix me people are just plain ignorant due to the human experience that has defined them thus far. And the Marketing Gurus know and use human ignorance to bait them. Text message ” when is the next healing event? “Answer-We have no healing events. We have no quick fix events. We don’t engage in false promises. Healing one’s life is not an event it is a journey one must commit to experiencing. It is a series of healing and revealing the truth! Healing events may leave you feeling better. But it never lasts. Why because the Truth is never found in quick fix events. Quick fixers keep bouncing from one event to another and never getting to the truth. And they keep doing the same thing repeatedly, thinking they will get a different result this time. This is the definition of insanity. Quick fixers are insane. Are you a Quick fixer? Be honest with yourself. The truth will set you free. And help is on the way! The Connection By connecting to their Super Conscious Mind, a Universal Core Healer can access specific information about a person’s life theme. Through this internal connection of the expanded consciousness, a Universal Core Healer can see a person’s bioplasmic energy body with their eyes wide open. They feel and hear the internal patterns and impressions of a person’s energy body. This allows our healers to access a person’s subconscious mind and information. The subconscious mind holds all records and knowledge of past and present lives. This information in the Subconscious Mind is never accessible to the human mind. Thus, the creator engineered it that way for a purpose. The purpose is simple, not complicated. It is to steer you to find the “truth.” This truth is never seen with the human ego meaning the human mind. Positive and negative karmic imprints stored in your subconscious mind are energized through your electromagnetic bioplasmic energy body. Negative karmic imprints “truths” create stagnation and leaks in your energy field. They prevent your electromagnetic bioplasmic energy body from receiving specific types of energies. Here are some of them, but not all that your energy body receives that creates cell tissue in your human body. Energies from “Sun, Earth, Water, Moon and

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