Psychic Development. Be The Best You Can Be!

Spiritual Growth for Healing, Manifesting and Expanding Your Consciousness

Spirituality for healing, manifesting and expanding consciousness

This is a beginner’s class for those who desire to learn and grow spiritually but have not yet built a foundation in this regard. We will guide you to higher consciousness, connecting cosmic healing energies and spirit. Our main objectives are to clear and balance the chakras, heal, reconnect your power to the quantum field and strengthen undiscovered natural psychic abilities. We provide a safe and harmonious environment where you become part of a family of healers that will help you raise your vibration and connect with loved ones in the afterlife. Reiki Masters, if needed, are on-site for Energy healing or assistance with clearing chakras through “Universal Energy.” Opening up to your psychic self means cleaning up your fears and hate stored in your subconscious mind. Everyone has them unknowingly. Yes, even you!

Universal Core Healing is a Tutelage. We will teach you how to identify the power source manifesting every disease and negative recurring life patterns in your life and the lives of others without any exemptions. These power sources are energy implants. Energy implant is a Karmic Imprint located in your bioplasmic energy body, and every human being has them. Karmic imprints are part of your life theme! Your personal power, good or bad, is power sourced from these karmic imprints. We have hundreds if not thousands of them. These karmic imprints hold a vibrational tonal scale that raises or lowers your vibration, manifesting your life. Changing your life or raising your vibration will require identifying and locating the power source manifesting your vibrations. In simple terms, it means you identify and find the truth to why you have a disease, negative reoccurring life patterns, abundance issues, relationship issues, etc., or simply put, bad karma in your life.

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