Spiritual Awakening!! I see Jesus. I see the golden light! It’s off the chart intense!

Spiritual Growth for Healing, Manifesting and Expanding Your Consciousness

Spirituality for healing, manifesting and expanding consciousness

Third Eye Attunement and Psychic Training Some mystics hold vibrations in their energy system. That is unparalleled to normal human vibrations. This video shows one extraordinary guru giving his attunements and the results. Pay close attention to the videos. It is actual recipients getting their third eye activated by Tony The Healing Medium. Recipients get their psychic Clairs blown wide open on the spot! Students see Jesus, Avatars, Angels, Deceased people, Loved ones, Fairies, Cosmic energies, different dimensions, Tony The Medium Morphing into pure Golden Light, and more. All this with their bare naked eyes wide open, on the spot and in front of them! This is the real deal! Tony delivers a psychic development class like no other in the World. He has been gifted the ability to make you a super psychic on the spot. Here is proof! Ordinary people who have received the Universal Core Healing Third Eye Attunement describe their Clairvoyant Experience. Psychic Clairvoyant Mediumship/Reiki Energy Healing Development classes. Join us this week to receive spirit messages from your loved ones in spirit! “the afterli.fe” EVERYONE RECEIVES A MESSAGE!! And learn how we do it!   Beginners’ psychic development group is a beginner’s guide to opening the door to higher consciousness and connection to spirit. We will be working together to receive messages and signs from the beyond. We will focus on balancing our chakra and reconnecting our energy to the quantum field. We provide a safe and harmonious environment that will quickly help you raise your vibration to connect with your deceased loved ones. Come join us and learn to strengthen your undiscovered natural psychic abilities. Self-healinimportantnt to our class, as we will have Reiki master onsite for energhealinged.   more info universalcorehealing.com

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