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Spiritual Growth for Healing, Manifesting and Expanding Your Consciousness

Spirituality for healing, manifesting and expanding consciousness

Spiritual Energy Healing through Psychic development is the proper way the creator engineered it for you to experience it. Any other way goes against the way the creator engineered it. That’s’ why we have so many false prophets and inaccurate healers and psychics. I have met many practicing psychics with mild to serve symptoms of mental illness due to improper spiritual training and development. Psychic development is not a matter to fool with or take lightly. Without having an anointed or true professional to guide you. You will most likely fail.

In this tutelage, you will learn clairvoyance development while learning how to self heal yourself. Come joins us for an informative class about the many benefits of psychic development through self healing. Discover what information is available to you, learn different types of psychic ability, learn where psychic information comes from, learn how to work psychically and do a sitting with and without tools, and learn about the main chakra centers and the aura.

We first start with the basics of Psychic Development through Spiritual Healing. They both go hand in hand with each other. In actualit,y they are almost the same thing. To develop our psychic abilities, we must learn to remove energy blocks that will prevent us from being our true psychic selves.

Reveal, Heal, and Expand Your Consciousness

Psychic Awareness to Spiritual Healing. Universal Core Healing is the best Clairvoyance training ever! Tony, the healing medium, uses his third eye attunement to activate your third eye chakra on the spot. Check out the psychic class video as tony, the healing medium, transfers his energy to a student’s third eye chakra. She sees dead people on the spot with her bare naked eye open in front of her.

Psychic mediumship development doesn’t have to take a lifetime. This third eye chakra activation at Universal Core Healing activates your clairvoyance on the spot!! Obtaining Psychic abilities/Clairvoyant power is the first step in spiritual healing. Our psychic development courses are one of a kind in the world. There is no other like it. Tony, the healing medium, uses what he calls healing and revealing your life. An energy healing modality that clears away the energy blocks preventing us from being our psychic self. Energy blocks do precisely that. Block us from our true psychic self. In Universal Core Healing, we remove them as we move forward in our Clairvoyance training.

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