The “TRUTH”About Activating Your Third Eye Chakra

Spiritual healing thru Spiritual Awakening
Spiritual Growth for Healing, Manifesting and Expanding Your Consciousness

Spirituality for healing, manifesting and expanding consciousness

How to activate your third eye chakra accurately.

There are many would-be psychics and healers out there. Most cannot hold a sequence of Validations when doing a spiritual reading. This is why we are just a tiny percentage of the population. But we are growing. We are about only 6-10 percent of the population. There are more false prophets and healers than true anointed or professionals. Why? In my 35 years of experience, ghosts mildly or severely possess many students of spirituality, psychic development, and healing. These Gohst Spirits that have not been able to cross over back into the afterlife.

Some or most of these students of spirituality have a mental illness without ever being aware of it. Many students are just plain ignorant of the consequences of opening up to the spirit world with the wrong guru. We at Universal Core Healing have gotten students from other classes and organizations. Usually, these people take lessons for a few years before coming to Universal Core Healing. Yet they still carry symptoms of mental illness in their behavior. Usually, they are over-reactive in their behavior. Being overly reactive is a system of not being healed. You are reacting to your emotional fears and hate. When I first attended a psychic development class 35 years ago. I went to a place called the light learning foundation. It had a unique name. Upon attending, I gradually realized that some people were having behavior issues with each other. I don’t remember the teacher’s name other than he was not very impressive in his spiritual readings. I remember one of the younger students giving a message that Jesus was not god, only a messager. When an older man got up and wanted to fistfight the guy, the worst part was that the older man was not even removed from the class—and still attended future classes without being talked to about his behavior. He continued to bully others.

At the light learning foundation, there was no authentic spiritual leadership. At the time, I was, yes, very young and naive. Everyone wanted to be the next tv psychic and become famous. For myself, I was unhealed as well. I took reiki healing and psychic development there. Why? Classes there were dirt cheap. Spent approximately 1-1/2 years attending. My life continued to get worst. I had many negative recurring life patterns continually manifesting in my life. At the time, I just thought this was normal. Why? Because it had always been this way. You see, I was born into it. And negativity was typical. I didn’t know any better at that time. I was young and dumb. And the learning light foundation just made me more viruses. Viruses in Universal Core Healing means you have spirit attachments. “ghost.” Learning Light Foundation was a Virus Fest. A hotbed of many ghost-possessing people.

So how did I become who I am today? It started with a man named John Horino. He was a psychic medium and spiritual healer. John was one of the World’s most accurate psychics, better and beyond any TV psychic. He specialized in spiritual energy healing. Most of his customers were cancer patients in their last phase. And I was gifted the opportunity to learn from him. John had a good size following, and most of his students were friendly and humble. A big difference from the learning light. I decided to give up the free to dirt cheap classes at the learning light. John was a spiritually powerful man, and his spiritual readings and healings were not cheap either. But I got what I paid for. I followed john’s teachings for many years. Until he died and crossed over into the afterlife. John was able to help remove the root cause of cancer from his clients.

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